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    This comes from a online source headline that reads
    live from Gaza.
    The link would open up in fire fox browser so I started
    using the IE Browser and I clicked the link and and my
    windows media player started playing,
    Ramatten Gaza News Live it says,
    any how see for yourself.....

    4 Have Your Say!:

    1. I stumbled across this site yesterday out of pure curiosity. I didn't expect to see what came across my screen. After witnessing what I've seen, I have to say, I'm not only surprised, I'm stunned. The media coverage over the past couple weeks, doesn't even scratch the surface.
      I'll admit, I tend to lean toward the right side of American politics and I'm a big advocate of democracy but I had absolutely no idea the extent of the atrocities occurring on the other side of the world.
      This is so sad. I don't see military targets being struck. I see people's homes and apartments being bombed, shelled and going up in flames. Mothers, fathers, children and family pets are being subjected to the most unimaginable danger and sense of fear. What on earth does that possibly accomplish in the political arena?
      Who could possibly lay their head on a pillow and even attempt to sleep or find any peace with such a relentless attack occurring around them. I honestly don't think outsiders are able to comprehend exactly what is going on or to relate to the sheer terror that's becoming a daily way of life for the people who live in this area. I find it frightening to watch from a computer, I hate to think what it must feel like to live through it.

    2. The link has been under attack. The live feed was interrupted about an hour ago by an advert in Hebrew. A while later the feed disappeared completely but seems to be operating normally again, except there is no sound.

    3. Current live stream found here on http://windowintopalestine.blogspot.ca/2012/11/live-from-gaza.html

    4. Current live stream found here on http://windowintopalestine.blogspot.ca/2012/11/live-from-gaza.html



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