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Actions in Politics & Actions in Building

It is sometimes hard to know how many people receiving these messages
read them. It would be great to get more feedback on what is useful and what is not. As a simple experiment and since some people do respond I am going to send two messages back to back: this one on politics (including actions you can take), the second one will be on Action in Building (positive things not directly political). I will see how many reply to each and will report to you the results of this
experiment next week :-)

Message 1. Action in Politics

“Israel’s official position is that this is not an area under belligerent occupation [1967 areas]. Go onto the Foreign Ministry’s
websites and you’ll see. We did not accept the Geneva Convention, because we knew it would be against us….When Joshua ben Nun [the biblical prophet] entered the land, he sent three messages to its inhabitants: those who want to accept [our rule] will accept; those who want to leave, will leave; those who want to fight, will fight.

The basis of his strategy was: We are here, we have come, this is ours. Now too, three doors will be open, there is no fourth door.
Those who want to leave – and there will be those who leave – I will help them. When they have no hope and no vision, they will go. As they did in 1948. Those who do not go will either accept the rule of the Jewish state, in which case they can remain, and as for those who do not, we will fight them and defeat them” Knesset Member Bezalel Smotrich interview in Haaretz

Senate Passes a Dumb and Dangerous Bill by James J. Zogby This week, without debate or an actual vote, the US Senate stealthily
passed a disturbing and dangerous piece of legislation introduced by Senators Tim Scott (R-SC) and Bob Casey (D-PA). Called “The
Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2016” (AAA), the Scott-Casey bill requires the Department of Education (DOE) to apply the State
Department’s (DOS) definition of anti-Semitism in evaluating complaints of discrimination on US campuses… more at.
(The bill we allow he Israel lobby to outlaw criticism of Israeli apartheid?)
Senate Passed Anti-Free Speech Bill; House Considers Bill: It targets
human rights activists, not hatred.

10 Zionist Arguments You’ve Encountered, But Didn’t Have Answers To

Endorse the academic and cultural boycott campaign in your own country:
And search for BDS campaigns in your country here:

Stay human and come visit us in occupied Palestine

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