Thursday, July 24

Let me help you with your Arabic Benjamin Netanyahu: No ceasefire before lifting the siege on Gaza

DOHA, (PIC)-- Head of Hamas's political bureau Khaled Mishaal has called for lifting the Israeli siege on Gaza before talking about any ceasefire agreement, stressing the need to allow aid convoys' access to the besieged Strip.
“Our demands are legitimate and we have presented them to Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority”, he said in a press conference on Wednesday night, appreciating any effort that works on meeting them.
"No one can disarm the resistance of its weapons." He said that in order for this to happen, Israel would have to end occupation and disarm.
He pointed out that US Secretary of State has contacted Turkey and Qatar's foreign ministers to reach a ceasefire. “We will not accept any cease-fire that bypasses the Palestinian resistance's demands, but we are ready for a humanitarian cease-fire with Israel,” he continued.
"Palestinian resistance was not dormant; we were preparing for any Israeli aggression."
Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu has suggested a ceasefire initiative after he realized that he is in trouble, he added.
Mishaal said that confronting the Israeli army is a duty, pointing out that the occupation has started first with the aggression on the West Bank, occupied Jerusalem, and Gaza.
The Israeli enemy was surprised by the Palestinian resistance factions' strong response, he said, adding, “Resistance in Gaza made us all proud”.
Mishaal stressed that Hamas will never agree to demilitarization as part of negotiations. "No one will break the resistance."
“We fought their military elite units. We are the land owners and they are the colonizers. We are not the murderer, we're the victim”, he underlined.
“We made our weapons by ourselves only to defend ourselves”, he stressed.
The senior Hamas leader called for opening Gaza crossings and allowing aid convoys' access to Gaza, expressing his appreciation to all efforts made for lifting the siege.
To the prisoners in Israeli jails, he said, “we will liberate you all with Allah's help”.
He hailed the Palestinian people's steadfastness in Gaza Strip, saying that his movement will never disappoint its people's demands mainly lifting the siege on Gaza.
Addressing the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip, Mishaal said that he and Hamas leaders were prepared to die for the sake of ending the blockade.
He called on the free people in the Arab world and the whole world to stand by the Palestinian people's demands.
He also called on the PA leadership to stop negotiations and security coordination with the occupation.
Mishaal finally appealed to the Palestinians in the West Bank to revolt and react in support of the people of Gaza and to reactivate armed resistance.
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