Thursday, July 24

#Call4Action: Arab and Islamic countries not providing help to Gaza need their leaders removed now!

Qaradawi: Palestinian resistance should not be left alone

DOHA, (PIC)-- Chairman of International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) Sheikh  Dr. Yusuf Qaradawi said that the Palestinian resistance should not be left alone in face of the Israeli enemy, stressing the need to support resistance with food and medical supplies and weapons.
Islam stipulates unity of the nation no matter how many Muslim countries there are. Palestinian resistance should not be left alone, Sheikh Qaradawi said on Tweeter.
Islam imposes on the Arab and Islamic countries providing resistance with food, medicines, and weapons, he added, calling on Islamic scholars to bear their responsibilities towards Palestinian resistance.
He strongly condemned the “Arab countries’ shameful and scandalous position" towards the aggression Gaza. He further described labeling Hamas as a terrorist movement as a “tragedy”.
Sheikh Qaradawi, in an earlier televised interview, praised the Palestinian resistance’s steadfastness in face of the Israeli brutal aggression, stressing the Muslims’ right to adopt resistance till the liberation of Palestine.
Palestinian resistance has succeeded to confront Israeli offensive despite the weak potentials and forces, he said.

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  1. kinikia12:55 pm

    Shame on all the Arab countries for not helping Palestinians. You are all cowards or whores of Israel and America!