Thursday, February 5


Iqbal Tamimi

A shoe was thrown at Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden, Mr. Benny Dagan, when He was giving a speech at Stockholm University today. The shoe hit itstarget. It was followed by two books and a note pad, all hitting theseverely embarrassed ambassador.

The two protesters, a young woman and a young man, shouted “Murderers!”

And “Intifada!” while pelting Dagan with the objects. They are currently under arrest, suspected of assault and public disturbance.
The lecture was organized by the Foreign policy association at Stockholm University. The Ambassador was supposed to talk about the upcoming Elections in Israel, but turned quickly to issues of Hamas and Iran and Developed a lengthy defense for Israel’s recent actions in the Gaza Strip.

Some 20 minutes into the lecture, a woman stood up in the audience, threw a red shoe at the ambassador and shouted “Murderers!”. The shoe hit Dagan In his stomach. Another protester then joined in and hurled two books and a note pad.

Dagan was dumbstruck and paralyzed, but returned to his lecture shortly After a few minutes , only to face shouts and other verbal protests from

The audience. The meeting ended in chaos, while the two protestors were taken to custody.

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