Sunday, May 25

Thinkpiece: Why Americans are sending billions to Israel

By Paul J. Balles*

Paul Balles considers the paradox of the open-ended US support of Israel despite Israel's sinking of the USS Liberty and its blatant murders of Palestinians. He asks his fellow Americans when will they call their politicians - Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Wurmser, Feith, Cohen, men who are closer to Israel than they are to America - to account and when will they stop electing Senators and Representatives to Congress "who can't resist the lure of Zionist support".

You asked why the US gives billions of dollars to Israel, despite the fact that the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty. You apparently learned only recently of how the Israelis got away with that attack. You seem completely unaware of how Israel and its American Zionists control America.

You should know that Zionists control the US government and the media. If you have a significant position in the government or are a significant voice in public, the Zionists will destroy you! If you object to blind support of Israel, they will label you anti-Semitic and threaten you and cost you your job.

Do you know that if you complain about Zionist influence, you will receive hate mail and threats of violence? If you object to the billions of dollars of your taxpayer money going to Israel, the Zionists will label you a Jew-hating Aryan, and they will pretend that you don't care that "6 million Jews were exterminated in the holocaust".

They will use that "history" to play on yours and everyone else's collective guilt. They will also use it to distract attention from slaughterers like Sharon who kill and maim and destroy everything Palestinian.

Zionist Israel and its American supporters will continue the blatant murders of Palestinians - old men, women, children and cripples - until the Zionist genocide of Palestinians is complete. They truly learned much from the Nazis!

And, yes, America and Americans' billions supports it all - the killing, the maiming, the destruction of property, the deprivation, the imposed poverty, the theft of water rights, the Bantustans, the Apartheid Wall and the suicide bombers.

Do you wonder how America supports the suicide bombers? When an entire people are overpowered, tortured, repressed, subjugated and subdued beyond hope, with America standing on the sidelines applauding and paying for it while Europe turns its head away, what do you expect the people to do?

They can't cry. They have no tears left. They can't fight tanks and Apache helicopters and F-16s with stones! If they fire a rocket that hits no one, the source of the rocket will be destroyed anyway. Firing rockets against Israelis with the latest American military detection equipment amounts to suicide with no results.

The suicide bombers who sacrifice themselves in a weak attempt at resistance are actually creations of Israel and America. Thanks again to the billions of dollars Americans cough up each year for their endowment.

Don't ever again ask why. Ask fellow Americans when you're going to put a stop to the long distance support for a Mafioso of Zionist hit men.

When are you going to insist that the president and his men - Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Wurmser, Feith, Cohen - all closer to Israel than they are to America - get prosecuted as members of an organized crime syndicate? Make no mistake: Zionism in America is organized crime!

When will you stop electing Senators and Representatives to Congress who can't resist the lure of Zionist support. They're nothing more than legislators who embrace the same organized crime syndicate.

When will you stop reading the crap written and published by the New York Times, the Washington Post and US News? When will you stop being influenced by the broadcasts of the Murdoch empire and Fox News?

When will you stop supporting organized Zionist crime and take America back from Israel for Americans?


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  1. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Support and moral accountability should be on the table and not a hidden agenda. Driven by apocalypticism and belief in 'People of God' well and good but God's kingdom in the return of Israel was to include conversion of Assyria and Egypt to God and acceptance within God's people. Freedom for many in Israel is far off.