Thursday, April 23

MORE money to Israel?! Give Democratic sponsor your opinion!

Dear Friends,
Democrat Derek Kilmer has introduced a bill in Congress to give Israel $286 million ABOVE the already over $8 million per day it gets from American taxpayers.
People may wish to contact Mr. Kilmer about this, particularly since (1) Israel already receives far more U.S. tax money than any other country, and (2) Israel has a record of violent human rights abuses, including its massacre in Gaza last summer.
Mr. Kilmer's Washington DC office can be reached at 202-225-5916.

The legislation is being considered by the House of RepresentativesAppropriations Committee, which is supposed to represent ALL Americans, not just those in Mr. Kilmer's Washington State district.
While this money is allegedly to fund a "joint" project with the U.S., such projects in reality only benefit Israel. When all such disbursements disguised as "joint" projects are added to the direct aid to Israel, the amount of money U.S. taxpayers give to Israel is actually about $10 million per day.

For more information on money to Israel, see our report, "The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans."
Please let us know when you've phoned!
(If you wish to also phone his district offices, these can be seen here.)
We feel it is extremely important for Congressional representatives to hear from voters!

Best wishes, Alison-Signature.png 

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  1. Jim Hyder3:33 pm

    No way should our hard earned money go to a segregated society of murderous people only interested in the movement of themselves into evermore control of OUR own country.
    No more money - not one penny, not one bullet nor bomb.