Thursday, August 7

One Palestinian Town Fully Destroyed By Israeli Terrorism

A whole town “Khuzaa” destroyed by the IOF

A 10 days attack on the Gaza southern town of Khuzaa by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) left whole streets flattened, once-grand mosque domes reduced to rubble while slain bodies and the stench of decay spread everywhere.

The IOF soldiers invaded the town of Khuzaa on Wednesday July 22, amid heavy shelling that leveled much of the town's buildings and resulted in more than 70 martyrs and over 300 wounded.

The civil defense continued for days searching for martyrs, while the Israeli army continued to fire its artillery shells at the area.

At the entrance to the town, near the local council's "Bon Voyage Khuzaa" sign that was lying crumpled in bits, was a wheelchair that belonged to a crippled woman whom the Israeli soldiers killed in cold blood while she was trying to escape the shelling.



  1. Every day I say to myself and God, "Well, it can't get any worse." And sure as God made grapes it happens. Worse is the byword of the Zionists. They have already destroyed over 550 towns and villages in Palestine since the 1930s. The constant destruction of churches monasteries and mosques is pretty well known all over Europe and Asia, but not in the USA.

  2. America better wake up or they will be surprised when an American town is demolished.