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Be Human & Act For Gaza Now

Palestinian Civil society organizations and public figures are calling on the world to demand the opening of the Rafah crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt (action required); Names of Palestinians murdered by the colonial fascist Israeli forces; Who profits from the war on Gaza?; Norman Finkelstein says Israel is a lunatic state; there is growth of BDS movement and of support for besieged Gaza everywhere around the world, these and more are at this new blog update of war on people titled Act For Gaza

PS: We had lots of volunteers working at our nascent Palestine Museum of Natural History and we took our first official field trips with 8-10 volunteers in each field trip. We focus on studying areas in danger from the wall and colonial Israeli settlements.
Child lost his eyesight after Israeli shelling. The father was killed a week later!

A rocket fell near us Tuesday in Beit Sahour. From the way it 

broke-up, we think it was one of the "iron dome" missiles 

that missed its mark (this happens to some 70-80% of 

missiles that are supposed to intercept Palestinian  home-

made rockets from Gaza).  The owner of the house said of 

the significant damage: "we are with Gaza and continue to 

be".  Wars bring out the worse in people and the best in 

people. Israeli devastation of Gaza is facing against heroism 

of resilience and resistance of Palestinians and an awakening 

of conscience of millions. Every hour we hear stories and 

listen to dignified resilient voices from Gaza in the face of 

incredible devastation. Medics who continue to operate even 

as their colleagues and relatives are killed. Remaining family 

members who lost everything but promise to rebuild and 

fight back until freedom. Municipal workers trying to avert a 

catastrophe and keep bombed sewage and water lines open 

and separate. Neighbors helping each other. Resistance 

fighters coming back from the front lines to help dig for 

civilian corpses buried under the rubble. A child consoling 

her little brother after all their family has been wiped out. 

People taking care of each other and giving all of us lessons 

in how we can keep our humanity. Messages from Gaza say 

to us "we survive, we are fine, how about you? How are 

you?" Gaza has become like the pH meter in my lab, a good 

barometer of change in the medium. How are we, the 

medium of humanity doing and where are we heading? 

Palestinian Civil society organizations and public figures are 

calling on the world to demand the opening of the Rafah 

crossing between the Gaza Strip and 

Israel has developed a doctrine of slowly increasing attacks 

on civilians to give them a chance to supposedly stop the 

resistance (an impossible task). The three stages used in the 

past four weeks included: first stage) used in the first week 

of the shelling of Gaza included  Israeli forces giving warning 

to some of the people to leave their houses before they 

flattened them with shells (a form of ethnic cleansing never-

the-less).  Second stage) clearing neighborhoods with a 

blanket statement in media to evacuate whole 

neighborhoods, then flattening them (also ethnic cleansing), 

third stage) no warning just blanket and random shelling 

increasing civilian deaths.  Overlapping stage two and three 

was also the shelling of hospitals and schools and the power 

station (targeting infrastructure, mostly without notice 

given). Having exhausted these three stages which obviously 

were well planned, Israeli leaders announced victory and 

moved on. The only gain was to bank account of those who 

profit from wars (companies like Elbit Systems). This helps 

sales of weapons (depleting stocks which have to be bought 

back and the US taxpayers pay for these). People die but 

some people get to be even more rich.

On the bright side (if there is any), this adventure 

accelerated the inevitable decline of the racist genocidal 

state of Israel. The resistance is strengthened because people 

saw that Israel could not advance one or two kilometers into 

Gaza without casualties of its soldiers who are paranoid 

about being captured or killed (even killed by Israeli forces 

to prevent them from being captured. Many committed 

suicide or injured themselves to leave the battle field. In 

1967, Israeli armies advanced and conquered hundreds of 

kilometers without any opposition from supposed "Arab 

armies". The land conquered per hour was literally the time 

it took infantry to walk across the landscape (no opposition). 

Israel, Jordan and Egypt did not fight or even plan to fight. 

And they had supplies and open borders. Here a 

concentration camp (the enclave of Gaza) giving Israel a real 

fight and Israeli mighty army is bloodied and confused and 

wining about tunnels (well yes, the Vietcong also used 

tunnels because everything above ground was instantly 

scorched by imperial US forces). So many lies were 

uncovered that many observers have started to believe 

Hamas and other resistance groups more than they believe 

anything that the Western Mainstream Media and 

Netanyahu and his puppets have to say. Mr. Netanyahu 

came in front of the Israeli public and lied yet again. Israel 

acknowledged some 50 soldiers killed but most Israelis 

know the number is at least three times as high. Many Israeli 

families acknowledge money is being given to them to 

refrain from mentioning the killing of their children at the 

borders of Gaza. One Israeli leak suggested some 130-150 

Israeli soldiers killed (closer to a number released by Hamas 

resistance). But the ceasefire declared by the UN (the only 

one declared by the UN and agreed to by the two parties)

 was broken by Israeli forces after they encountered some 

resistance fighters in their advance to Rafa and two Israeli 

soldiers were killed and the area was bombed burying a 

third soldier with the resistance fighters on spot. The Israeli 

government version of this was a fabrication (soldiers were 

attacked, one was kidnapped etc). Hamas's version of what 

might have happened was more believable (they lost contact 

with soldiers defending the field East of Rafah and they 

presume them dead). Belatedly the Israeli version changed 

and they were forced t accept a version closer to what the 

Palestinians said. But this is of little consolation to 

Palestinians including children massacred with the excuse 

that Hamas broke the cease fire. Now there is talk in Cairo to 

give Israel what it could not achieve by military means: 

impunity from crimes, pacification of the natives while 

maintaining colonization and injustice.

But people are moving. The above call and other like it are 

followed by actions. There si widening boycotts of everything 

Israeli and people are mobilizing aid convoys to Gaza (three 

trucks from my own town of Beit Sahour will leave in the 

next two days and this is just one of hundreds of such 

efforts).  Yet this is still not enough. 400,000 Palestinians 

are now dislocated and for nearly half of them, their homes 

have been destroyed. Billions of dollars are needed to 

rebuild. Every bit helps though and actions speak louder 

than words. As we help Gaza Palestinians on a humanitarian 

level, we must also ensure accountability and to prevent 

more Israeli crimes. To do that we need BDS, we need ICC, 

we need coordination and joint action.

Names of Palestinians murdered by the colonial fascist 

Israeli forces (they are not numbers or even names, they are 

people with their stories and their rights violated and robbed 

of their lives by a war machine empowered by human 

I have many friends/colleagues in Gaza and all where 

affected by the ongoing horrors, more than half of them had 

family members killed (see for example story of family 

members of our colleague Dr Mona El Farra below), and one 

was killed herself with two of her children.

Being calmly rational about dead children feels like a very 

particular form of madness. Whatever else journalistic 

objectivity is, it surely cannot be the elimination of human 

Israeli Vets Speak Out: What Really Goes On In Gaza

Starvation, shooting at kids, casual violence—former IDF 

soldiers reveal the abuses by the Israeli military in 

Photographer is killed as he videotapes attacks on 


here is the same incident from another photographer who 

A very excellent example of an article putting the context out 

that is ignored by Zionist dominated western media. We 

should all learn to write like that and to focus our energy on 


Who profits from the war on Gaza

Over 100 Middle East Studies Scholars and Librarians Call 

for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions

Boycott Israel: here is research on 60 companies to 

boycott/picket etc.

Dr. Mads Gilbert makes a moving speech upon his return to 

Norway from Gaza

Norman Finkelstein" The word is out, Israel is a lunatic state

Stay Human

Mazin Qumsiyeh
Professor, Bethlehem University
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Occupied Palestine

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