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American media faking a series of ragegasms for Israel to prove their love is real

By TBogg
Normally you have to turn to Fox News if you want your daily dose of outrage delivered hot and fresh to your door with a side-order of egregious bias. Nothing quite sells a story like watching a credulous Fox mouth-hole reciting a list of talking points like it was The Road Not Taken. But this summer’s blockbuster, Gaza!: Shit Blowing Up Everywhere, has convinced all the other media outlets that “the water is fine, everyone into the propaganda pool!”
MSNBC kicked things off by giving correspondent Rula Jebreal the Walt/Mearsheimer treatment, marginalizing her as “Palestinian Journalist,” and, Jeebus knows, you can’t trustthose people. She was then shuffled off to the sidelines because she was harshing everyone’s Bibi buzz.
Israel was kind enough to use one of their blood-letting war overly-caffeinated conflict resolution time-outs so that bestest pal Wolf Blitzer from CNN could come over for a playdate; going on a ride-along with the IDF through the Hamas Tunnels O’ Terror, where Wolf put on his serious face and touched the concrete walls like they were the face of God (see below). We’ll give Wolf the benefit of the doubt and say that the IDF tricked him, saying they had found the missing airliner which, for Wolf,  is like telling a kid to hop in your van and you’ll take him to see some puppies.
Over at MSNBC, soon-to-be-out-the-door-but-not-soon-enough David Gregory displayed the fine art of being a really fucking horrible journalist by sandbagging a guest. Gregory told UN Relief & Works Agency spokesperson Chris Gunness that he had a film of rockets being launched out of UN schools and asked him to comment on it:
“The Israeli government has released videotape within the past hour, it was posted on YouTube, NBC News hasn’t independently verified,” Gregory explained to Gunness. “The Israelis say — and I realize that you cannot see this video, our audience can, and I’m going to describe it to you — that purports to show rockets being fired from a UN school.”
The video, it turns out, was complete bullshit, a fact relayed by Gregory at the end of the same episode, noting that the UN had “confirmed that the video does not show rockets being fired from a UN-administrated school in Gaza.”
And, here comes the apology: “So this is a back and forth that we are not able to settle at this point.”
That’s not even a “Whoopsie-doodle! My bad. Sorry, dude. But it’s really your fault because you trusted me so, actually, you’re the one who fucked up. Aren’t you embarrassed? You totally should be.”
To his credit, Gregory didn’t ask Gunness when he stopped luring kids into his van to go see puppies. Because Gregory has journalistic ethics. Or something.
Not to be left out, Senior Editor at the Atlantic, David Frum, — most notable for getting shit-canned by the Bush administration after his nitwit wife bragged to her gal pals that her husband helped start a fake war by penning “axis of evil”  — Twitter-accused the New York Times, Reuters, and AP of publishing  pictures of bloodied Palestinians  that he thought were fake. Sample tweet:

Time-lapse photography is the new kerning.
Having gotten fakery ‘out there,’ as they say in Cokierobertsland, Frum then backtracked:
On review, I agree that Shaw is right and that I was wrong. These images do appear authentic, and I should not have cast doubt on them. I apologize especially to Sergey Ponomarev of The New York Times, whose work I impugned.
Wait for it…..
Yet I also think it important to explain my skepticism when presented with such images.
No. No no no no no. You either fucked up or you did it on purpose. You’re supposed to be a professional  journalist which means it’s your job to get it right the first time and not come back a few days later and go, “Eh, I had my reasons. Whaddya gonna do?” That makes you only slightly better than Jim Hoft, the stupidest man on the Internet.
The simple fact of that matter is that the American media is largely in the tank for Israel and people are afraid to point out that America is Israel’s best and only friend for a reason, and when Israel wants to barf up bombs all over the Palestinians, America will be standing there ready to hold Israel’s hair back so that it doesn’t get any on itself.
And no one is immune to the lovesong of Israel, with Congress — which has failed to do much on anything for Americans this past year — shoving though a $225 million aid package  before they head off on a five-week vacation.
That just goes to show you, those vacation trips allowing legislators to wet their willies in the Red Sea can result in some pretty sweet payoffs.
Watch Wolf tumble down the Hamas hole below:

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