Sunday, October 17

Muslims need to counter growing Israeli Nazism, West won't do the job for them

by Khalid Amayreh

There should be very little doubt as to the direction toward which Israel is moving. Some Israeli cabinet ministers have already declared openly and in broad daylight that Israel is becoming a fascist state. Well since when was Israel not a fascist state? Hasn't Israel been always a state based on ethnic cleansing, land theft and mass lies?
Last week, the Israeli government approved a bill obliging non-Jews aspiring to obtain the Israeli citizenship to give allegiance to Israel as a Jewish state.
Moreover, the Israeli security forces have been making drills to test their ability to control riots in case the state carries out large-scale ethnic cleansing of the Arab community, which constitutes nearly one fourth of the population.
Meanwhile, Israel is making almost daily warnings against regional Muslim  states such  as Iran. Israeli officials have also tacitly warned Turkey that Israel and its long Masonic tentacles might incite the traditionally anti-Islam Turkish army to carry out a coup against the democratically-elected government.!!
As to Egypt, Zionist  circles in the West are already giving funds and covert political support to Coptic separatists who would want to create  a Coptic Christian theocracy in Egypt and   "end the Arab occupation" by expelling  and/or annihilating some 75 million Muslims  back to Arabia!!
So, Zionist hands are working everywhere to mutilate the Muslim Middle East.  This is happening while some obsequious and primitive Arab regimes are extending invitations to the certified war criminal Shimon Peres to visit their countries. This is really lamentable as the Zionist regime is systematically destroying Arab homes in Jerusalem while our so-called kings and presidents-for-life are responding to Zionist insolence by inviting the criminals to their capitals.
Unfortunately, real conspiracies are being hatched while the corrupt and decadent Egyptian regime is busy tightening  the siege on Gaza and arresting members of the Muslim Brothers in order to please and appease Washington and obtain a certificate of good conduct from international Zionism, the ultimate antithesis and enemy of Islam and Muslims.
Some of the stupid Arab regimes in the region think erroneously that stable relations with the United States would guarantee nonaggression from Israel. However, this thinking is naïve and dangerous because Washington is the junior and subservient partner in the Israeli-American alliance. In the final analysis, the  Israeli lobbies control American politics and American policies. Moreover, most American politicians, including 99% of senators and congressmen and women effectively work as little whores for Tel Aviv. This is what the elderly American journalist Helen Thomas meant when she said recently that "You can't criticize Israel and survive politically in America."
This means that whatever Israel does or  may do in the Middle East, even if it carries out an unprovoked  nuclear aggression  against another  regional state, Washington would  react characteristically, uttering some flimsy and  meaningless words,  like saying "we call on both sides to exercise restraint." What else can we count on a country that makes no distinction between political whoredom and international politics, a country that is willing to murder millions and destroy nations in order to serve its whimsical strategic interests, which it has done and is continuing to do in many places around the world.
Israel is being armed to the teeth, with conventional and non-conventional weapons. Needless to say, the main purpose of this unending military aggrandizement is to subjugate the Arab-Islamic region to Jewish Nazism.
The main Muslim states in the region do have the ability to counter Zionist hegemony and aggression. The problem with some of states, however, is that their military capabilities are not used to counter Israeli hegemony and megalomania but rather to perpetuate autocracies and dynastic dictatorships.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been quoted as saying that Turkey, Iran and Pakistan have a common future. This statement should give some hope to progressive Muslim elements who have a strategic outlook towards the future of this area, where hundreds of millions of Muslims and non-Muslims live, mostly in the shadow of Israel's nuclear arsenal.
Ordinary Muslims in places like Cairo,   Damascus and Tehran understand the horror of living with the specter of Israeli nuclear weapons. However, the scandalous thing is that our so-called leaders seem completely out of touch with reality by thinking that their respective states are immune from a possible Zionist holocaust. After all, Israel's nuclear warheads are not directed toward Rome or Athens or even Berlin; they are trained toward Cairo, Damascus and Tehran or probably Beirut and Amman although some regimes in these countries are quite docile and capitulationist.
I am not being  phobic and alarmist. During the Arab-Israeli  war of 1973, Israel contemplated the use of nuclear weapons against both Egypt and Syria after the Egyptian forces succeeded in overrunning the Bar Lev  fortifications. Hence, the possibility of using nuclear weapons by Israel against Muslim  states is not as unthinkable as many so-called experts might think.
There are those who might be prompted to think that the US would prevent Israel from embarking on such a fateful act. Again, this is stupid strategic thinking because a country's ultimate survival must never hedge on uncertain and precarious calculations. In the final analysis, the US is a little whore that is tightly controlled by the Jewish lobbies. Didn't Sharon tell Shimon Peres that "We control America and the stupid Americans know it?"
In addition, it is already amply clear that Israel is moving menacingly toward Jewish Nazism.  This means that  Israel's nuclear arsenal will soon be under the control and at the disposal of Nazi-minded Israeli leaders such as  Avigdor Lieberman, and a long list of other Talmudic politicians who think that the annihilation  of non-Jews, whose lives  have no sanctity in the eyes  of the Lord  would be a fulfillment of the Lord's will.!!
Of course, Muslims can always shield themselves from a prospective Israeli holocaust or genocide. But everything has a price and the price Muslims, states and peoples, would have to pay in this case is their dignity, sovereignty and freedom. In other words, Muslims, states and peoples, would have to surrender completely to the sages of Zionism and come to terms with their enslavement and servitude vis-à-vis a Nazi Israel that differs very little from the Aryan Third Reich.
We who live under the Israeli occupation know what it means to live under Israeli enslavement. One day, while waiting in a long queue at a checkpoint near Hebron, Israeli  soldiers ganged up on a young man because he was smiling. The commanding officer told the young Palestinians: "Don't you know that you are not supposed to smile or laugh and that you should remain sad and depressive-looking?" You see, even a smile was viewed as threat to their security.  Did the Nazis behave similarly?
Finally, it is more than clear that Israel doesn't want  peace. Israel, which has the ultimate protection of the United States and Europe, has had more than 60 years to make peace, but instead of making peace, it has been busy stealing Arab land, building colonies, and teaching religious students in Yeshivot or religious schools  that non-Jews are only human in the outer shape and that they are animals in their very essence.
With its growing global power, and virtual control over the United States, Israel is likely to show off more manifestations of its Nazi nature. And Israel will not give a damn about goy criticisms? Didn't the Israeli foreign minister Lieberman tell the visiting foreign ministers of Franc and Spain in no unmistakable language to "shut up and mind your own business first before preaching to Israel?"
The next time Lieberman or Yeshai might ask foreign dignitaries to obtain a "kashrute" or certificate of purity from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef before they could shake hands with them!!


  1. Mr. Amayreh you have written well, but what you have forgotten to mention is the duty of muslims to others. They should also do something to have peace and prosperity, in many many cases they living from the cost of others at the same time blaming them for not doing enough. Look at Germany what is happening there. 90% of the immigration and integretion problems are caused my muslims. Muslims should see the reality, not only sickly way thinking that they are great and only their religion is great. If they are great, they should show it through their service to humanity and peace, after that if they have extra time, they can blame others.

  2. Anonymous8:33 am

    You hit the nail on the head. It is worth mentioning that thst these zionist forces are also being deployed against Muslim and increasingly political Palestinian supporters in Europe. We already had that ex-Stasi Merkel declaring multiculturalism dead in order to disenfranchise Turks and Arab German citizens.

    In the UK, zionist organisations have been given carte blanche to rally racists, skinheads and fascist groups under the banner of anti-Islam and pro-Israeli street politics. These same zionists, often wealthy Jewish Brits and money men from Israel are purchasing long redundant Northern Irish protestant gangs to roam Muslim neighbourhoods on the mainland to do a bit of "street action" that amounts to the assaulting people and desecrating mosques.

    While this is going on, Asian Muslims in the UK are being recruited to stalk and spy on their neighbours and the rest of the Muslim communities are terrorised into silence and to minimise their civic profile.

  3. Anonymous10:45 am

    Israeli Nazism cannot be countered because the US is the #1 supporter of wars for Israel. It all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

  4. Anonymous1:38 pm

    The Story of Yaakov Markus

    Quoted from Maxim Ghilan How Israel Lost Its Soul, Penguin Books (1974) p179:

    ‘Yaakov Markus was born in Berlin on 22 November 1927 to a non-Jewish mother named Mathilde Markus and to a Jewish father. He came to Israel and in the fifties was drafted to serve in the 1956 Sinai campaign. He was killed there and buried provisionally at the Shelah Military Cemetery. Later this cemetery was abolished and the dead were transferred to other permanent graves. Yaakov Markus’s bones were to be interred – as Jewish custom stipulates for Gentile dead – ‘beyond the pale’, that is, behind a small stone fence cordoning off a piece of the Haifa cemetery.

    ‘In this plot were buried other non-Jewish fighters, pilots and technicians who lost their lives helping Israel win her independence in 1948 and preserving it in the years that followed. Markus’s parents did not accept the Rabbinate’s ruling. They wanted their son to be granted the same honor as the rest of his fallen friends – burial in the Military Cemetery. General Goren, the Chief Rabbi of the Israeli Army - a visionary racist who wanted the conquest of both banks of the Jordan, advocated a religious state and tried to modernize religion for that purpose – was not in the country. The bereaved parents appealed directly to the Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, who had to make a special ruling for them. Markus was finally buried in the same row as his fallen friends. But so that ‘his bones should not be mingled with theirs’, as Meshulam Schlesinger, Director of the Military Cemetery, put it, his grave was set somewhat apart.

    ‘Meshulam Schlesinger officially stated that the corpse of Yaakov Markus had been circumcised after his death, to allow it to lie beside the Jewish fighters. This was later denied no less officially by the Ministry of Defense. But the grisly and macabre atmosphere surrounding the case has done much to deepen public concern.’

  5. Anonymous7:53 pm

    jews boast that they are the "master race" and boast about it unabashedly Muslims MUST ACT for their very survival! These talmudic jews claim to be the master race! and seek to extend their control It's time to educate and WAKE UP the world! to the real STENCH ....

  6. Very good attitude, but, while the text has only about one typo and no other misspellings, there are far too many instances of un-English English, as well as non-Western thinking. You need to get some friendly Westerners to translate your texts into 'Western-speak', if they are to have any appeal outside the Third World.

  7. Let Mother Time show the real intention of Israel and history teaches us that sooner or later the tyranny will be dealt with in a appropriate way e.g. Roman Empire.

  8. thank Goodness the anti muslims nazis are doing what should have been done a decade ago. That is to let them know in no uncertain terms they are not welcome here, as they bring nothing but crime and fraud to the table. Ihave yet to hear of a renowned scientist, doctor or lawyer or engineer who was a card carrying muslim who thought he should repay a debt given to him by the host country that most graciously allowed him to live. That is a joke isnt it? but it shouldnt be. It should be written on the first document they receive upon entering the country, followed by a six month probationary period where upon the utmost good behaviour is demanded before full citizenship is given. No relatives may enter the country until the main sponsor has been here five years. Take it or leave it. If there own country is so bloody great they can also have the option of staying there, but NO mention of Sharia is made or immediate deportation procedures will be in effect. Absolutely no hope of an appeal either, None. Goodbye muslim, you are free to worship your god and his pedophile on the moon.

  9. Anonymous10:33 pm

    First of all, I think the title of this article is absolutely sick. Israel was formed in order to protect Jews from the threat of another GENOCIDE. Saying that Israel (the Jewish state) is equal to the group that killed 6 million Jews is disgusting. Second of all, I was appalled at the lack of informational accuracy in this article. This makes me question whether you actually took this information from a relevant and accurate source or if you just made it all up. Please cite your sources.